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Mount Kailash School for Tibetan and Nepalese Refugee/Disadvantaged Children

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all".


Mt Kailash School in Kathmandu prides itself on nurturing altruism, physical and emotional resilience, personal responsibility and intellectual curiosity. It also teaches its young students the importance of both global and Nepalese cultural awareness.

The trustees have allocated Sutasoma's donation for 2013-4 for the school's clinic and hospital consultation costs. The school values the donation from the trust.

Yangjakot Day Care Centre, Nepal

The Yangjakot Day Care Centre in Nepal provides pre-school education to village children under five. There are twenty-four children currently attending the Day Care Centre, which is staffed by two trained teachers and two assistants.

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We also gave support after the Nepal earthquake in 2015

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